sunrise plogger

Have you heard of plogging? It comes from the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp’ + jogging

Leave it to Scandinavians to make picking up garbage trendy… but they are on to something!

I have a friend who I met a few years ago in Aus who really changed my perception of food waste, sustainability and how i view the environment. I remember going to a fruit market with her. We were both buying punnets of raspberries, but she had these nifty little produce bags, and instead of taking the plastic tray full of berries, she dunked her berries into her bag and handed the plastic back to the stallholder.

This stuck with me. Especially when i tossed out my plastic tray the next day. Yeah, i recycled it…but with the uncertainty surrounding Australian recycling efforts, there is an opportunity to take more initiative towards minimising waste.

Lots of Aussies are on board with this, and it feels good to be in a country where it is recognised and acknowledged that single use plastic is not the best choice. With plastic bags being banned from major grocery stores in 5 out of 7 Australian states and territories, single-use plastic use is no longer an afterthought for most Australians.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect with single-use plastic. But i do carry a little anti-waste toolkit to help me do my part

This includes:

-Keep Cup


-Water bottle



Yesterday i was down in Brunswick Heads, and I woke up to watch the sunrise. It was the first day of daylight savings time in NSW (we don’t have daylight savings in QLD) so i accidentally woke up an hour earlier than needed to catch the sun…and decided to use the extra time to grab a cup of coffee at the Bruns Bakery before heading to the beach. It was early, and i forgot my keep cup (ugh!) but i took my lid-less long black, and headed to the beach.

Sunrise was beautiful, and i stayed at the beach for a long time, watching the other dawn-seekers, surfers and listening to the birds as the sky lit up.

I took a long walk down the coast, and realised i had the perfect ‘bin’ for the waste i spotted. Lolly wrappers, beer caps, bottle caps- all into my coffee cup. By the end, my cup was more than half full!


It feels good to do something for the earth- even something as small as picking up a piece of rubbish, to make life a little happier.

Happy plogging :)