the need 2 bead!!!

Queensland, Australia celebrates the Queen’s birthday on the 1st of October. I took advantage of the long weekend to hop across the pond to LA last week, and the Monday off gave me a little recovery time getting back on the Aussie time zone. I’m lucky in that I rarely get jet lag (except when going Aus—> Europe, sheesh!) Anyways, yesterday was my first day back at work and I decided that I’d reward myself for being back on the job with a(nother) trip to a bead store! Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been noticing a lot of bead stores lately.

I wandered into Beads N’Crystals and was immediately impressed with the great bounty of beads before me! This was gonna be fun! I was drawn to the delicas (also known as ‘seed beads’) because I am a recent proprietor of a Roxanne Assoulin daisy chain necklace that is super cute! I absolutely love the look of that necklace, (the clasp is another story…and I’m sure fixing it will become a future project of mine) so I wanted to pick up some seed beads and see if i could create something delicate and different (and functional!!) !!


One of the women at the store had on this super neat ring made of seed beads, and i loved the way the delicas create a seamless interwoven pattern. So hey, i decided to give it a crack! I picked out a few fancy colours, some needles, and some nylon thread and I was ready to rock!

I chose to go for a stitch called the Peyote stitch. It’s repetitive, intricate and fun to play around with.

So, here’s what I did. The first piece I made turned out to be a super cool pendant! My original intention was to make a ring, but when I started, i couldn’t really wrap my head around how the stitch was going to progress. So, as a pointer: if you want to make a ring, make sure your first row isn’t too long!


I was actually super happy this turned out to be a pendant, and think it really pops against a braided gold chain I picked up in italia many years ago!


Pretty cool right!?!!

Special thank you to my sister Lunar for the snaps!